Sound limiters

Phone +34 93 246 61 92. The company DR ENGINEER ATANASI JORNET SL is specialised in management and control of noise.

Specialists in developing, manufacturing and marketing of equipment and services for the management and control of noise under the brand ECUDAP.


Official Distributor ECUDAP Catalan

We use products and services from the brand ECUDAP optimizing local musical noise emission in ensuring compliance with all regulations within noise. The company is the distributor of the Area of ​​Catalonia has installed over 350 registrar’s limiters in this territory.

Our investments in this field lead us to be in constant development, with the close collaboration with our customers, our highly qualified technical staff put us at the forefront, developing, and marketing technologically advanced products aimed at optimizing the noise emission in ensuring local music adaptation to comply with all regulations on noise field.

The limiter EQD-50SR sound recorder Watchdog approved in Barcelona takes limiting spectral shape with digital inputs and outputs, both AES / EBU and SPDIF, configurable via the USB port using a software tool kit (ECUDAP ToolBox) that allows adjustments maximum emission level gear at maximum level and transmitted to the receiver locally, allowing the use of sound insulation in third octave or by the value defined by the UNE-EN ISO 717-1: 1997.

As coupler enables the use of two microphones, capable of measuring both in dB (A) dB and (C) with Type II quality measurement according to IEC 61672, which can perform monitoring levels within the Local and outside of it, allowing assess discomfort from the crowds outside.



• A USB port configuration.

• An RS-232 serial port for connection to peripherals for data transmission via radio devices via modem (SMS, GPRS WIFI) without radio interference with audio circuitry.

• An RS-485 serial port for communication with external display devices, allowing the use of up to 10 Display EQD with cable runs up to 300 meters. In addition, independent markings between them.

• An Ethernet port that allows connection to the Internet, intranet for sending data as updating the firmware.

 Certificates in Digital / Digital release:

Digital inputs and outputs, both AES / EBU and SPDIF, allow the processing entirely in the digital domain with a resolution of 24 bits getting all the advantages distortion disappears saturation decreases phase distortion resulting in a higher quality of sound and better signal / noise ratio Managing input and output bit rate of 48KHz, 96KHz and 192KHz.


Included Accessories:

• MICROPHONE ECUDAP: Sensor for models EQD EQD 50SR and 50SR Xbasis Watchdog.

• CBCONEXLIM: Cable for connecting sensor limiter (8 m with connectors.)

• CBCONEXRED: Key for computer connection to the network.